Commercial and Business capital requests for Acquisition, Refinance, Construction, Rehab. Available to all types of projects through Debt and Equity arrangements, including alternative products designed to meet credit and other challenged projects.

Construction & Rehab: Offering a wide array of programs for Construction and Rehab for various types of Commercial property. 

Including one uniquely designed program offered to Multifamily, Senior Housing, Health Care, Affordable Housing. ​Funding is available for Construction & Long-Term as One Non-recourse closing. Current Rate of 3.00% rates are locked and fixed at construction which includes the entire 40-year long term. High Leverage 85% to 90% of replacement costs depending upon project and rent types.

Projects not built under this unique program are now eligible within 6 months of the last issued occupancy permit for the following.


Existing: Multifamily, Senior Housing, Health Care, Affordable Housing. Offers a Non-recourse 35 year fixed rate currently at 2.55% fixed for the entire 35 year term. Generally offered as 85% LTV, 80% as Cash-out.  

If you think the program above takes to long for your Multifamily project ask about our expedited bridge program to the above, or ask about our large group of attractive funding arrangements for construction or existing properties.

La Quinta Offers Experience & Alternatives:

  • Small & Large Loan Request through Bankable and Non-Traditional Options
  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • FHA Multifamily
  • Senior Housing & Health Care
  • CMBS
  • Interim Bridge Loans, including Private Investors
  • Mezzanine
  • Equity Participation --Visit "Equity" this site
  • Green Financing
  • Proprietary Capital
  • Single-Family Rentals and Fix-Flip -- Visit "Residential Investor" this site