La Quinta Equity Group

"Providing Debt & Equity Capital"

Our advisory services and products offer a wide range of capital solutions tailored to each individual transaction over the last four decades.

Providing Debt & Preferred Equity, JV Equity, Mezzanine capital, to owners, investors, developers, and builders, throughout the United States, and Canada, including some International projects on a case-by-case basis. 

La Quinta is well positioned within the industry for access to well structure capital sources, including professional expertise as many of our team members have individually completed 30+ years of capital arrangements within the commercial real estate industry. Team members have functioned as past Bank President/CEO, Commercial Appraiser, Developers, Realtors, including individual ownership of various income-producing properties.

La Quinta's long history provides access to various capital options including, FHA/HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Institutional and non-institutional resources, REITS, Private & Hedge funds, CMBS, Preferred Equity, JV Partners, USDA, SBA, Foreign Investors, Banks, and other funding alternatives to meet capital challenges. 

​​You will find we are relentless advocates for clients throughout the entire process until funding.

​Location: Home Office Boise Idaho with representation throughout the U.S.